How would you like a free ride between Salida and Buena Vista for the rest of the summer?! The Chaffee Shuttle is participating in the Zero Fare “We’ll Take You There” statewide transit campaign to help introduce the community to transit. The Department of Energy is paying for transit fares all summer long!

As part of Colorado’s Zero Fare We’ll Get You There initiative, The Chaffee Shuttle has expanded its services and is offering FREE rides this summer, and all year long, to encourage residents and visitors to ride transit to help keep Colorado’s air clean during the summer months when air pollution is at its highest. 

Expanded services include extended hours for on-demand, door-to-door service; a new Monday route between Howard and Salida; and extended hours for the bus route between Buena Vista and Salida on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Starting July 31st, The Chaffee Shuttle will expand service between Buena Vista and Salida to five days a week, Monday through Friday, ideal for commuter travel. For a full schedule and pick up locations, visit

By joining the statewide Zero Fare campaign this summer, The Chaffee Shuttle hopes to entice new riders to experience cost savings, stress reduction, and increased productivity while helping to improve Colorado’s air quality! We think this is a win across the board!