Tim Martinez
Tim MartinezGrowth Driver + Startup Advisor

“The best part of working on the Ascent Accelerator and Ark_Angels programs is the opportunity to support cool ideas by smart people.  Being an entrepreneur is difficult and these startups are in the trenches every day.  A small amount of guidance, a little promotion, or bringing together the right people can make a word of difference.  They do the hard work, we just make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.” – Tim Martinez

Tim Martinez is a seasoned advocate for Colorado’s economic development initiatives, dedicating his expertise to strengthen and diversify local economies. 

Based in Salida, Colorado, Tim co-founded the Chaffee County EDC Ascent accelerator program, empowering entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools to succeed. In addition to the accelerator, Chaffee County now has a mentor group of almost 50 experts, and the Ark_Angels financing Network of high net worth individuals investing in local startups.  Tim recently signed with Startup Colorado to be Director of Program Development & Innovation, building on the success of the Founder Coopetition accelerator for scaling rural Colorado companies.  He also manages THE LOBBY coworking and event space, fostering collaboration and innovation among businesses, remote workers and the local ecosystem.

Previously, Tim spent 19 years driving economic development for the City and County of Denver. His accomplishments include attracting major corporate headquarters relocations and representing Colorado on international trade delegations. Tim co-founded a statewide outdoor brands association, launched the Commons on Champa innovation center, and founded accelerator programs like the Denver ScaleUp Network and Denver Global Landing Pad, supporting scaling companies.

With deep roots in Southern Colorado, Tim’s family history spans five generations. His personal connection fuels his drive to make a lasting impact on the state’s economic landscape.

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