Robin Vega
Robin VegaMarketing Director / Storyteller / Dream Defender

“I believe the most important stories we can tell right now are stories that ignite community, stories that inspire changemakers, and stories that activate global and local impact. Which is why I can honestly say working with the Ascent has been the highlight of my 20+ career as a storyteller, and I don’t believe I could have dreamed up a more perfect position. Never could I have imagined that relocating from Denver to Buena Vista would lead me to work with an accelerator. Not only do I have the honor of driving marketing for Ascent, but I’m also an alumna and can say first hand that the mentorship is world-class.”  – Robin Vega

Robin Vega boasts over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business, and marketing strategy. She has collaborated with clients across diverse industries such as music, hospitality, real estate, cosmetics, technology, food & beverage, agriculture, and cannabis, helping them tell their stories through thoughtful design and authentic storytelling.

Robin launched her first company while still in college and, in 2013, sold her software company, eHome Marketing, to a global technology firm in Dallas. Her latest venture, Clean Republic, launched in 2019 and was acquired by ByoPlanet in 2022. Her latest ventures include Coletrain Music Academy and Cedar Street Retreat that she runs with her husband in Buena Vista, Co.

As the Marketing Director for Ascent, Robin oversees all aspects of marketing, including branding, graphic design, website development, and social media. She is a proud entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for changemakers, dedicated to supporting and celebrating those who dare to swing for the fences.

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