Robin Vega


"I believe the most important stories we can tell right now are stories that ignite community, stories that inspire changemakers, and stories that activate global and local impact. Which is why I can honestly say working with the Ascent has been the highlight of my 20+ career as a storyteller, and I don't believe I could have dreamed up a more perfect position. Never could I have imagined that relocating from Denver to Buena Vista would lead me to work with an accelerator. Not only do I have the honor of driving marketing for Ascent, but I'm [...]

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Jake Rishavy


"Supporting these entrepreneurs gives me so much purpose. Through the Ascent Accelerator I get to witness formative memories in brand new relationships, happening in real time. Community and collaboration over competition. It’s now undeniable to me." - Jake Rishavy Jake Rishavy has led economic development organizations and initiatives in Colorado for more than a decade and currently leads the Chaffee County EDC. His previous work includes co-founding two Denver-based nonprofit entrepreneurial ecosystems: Prime Health, aimed at facilitating the growth of Colorado-based health tech companies; and the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, facilitating public private partnerships to deploy [...]

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Abby Peters


"Working with the Ascent has been an incredibly rewarding experience. This division of the EDC is deeply committed to fostering economic growth and innovation in our community. Through the various initiatives and support programs, we're able to provide invaluable resources and mentorship to local entrepreneurs and businesses." - Abby Peters Abby Peters serves as the Program Director for Central Mountain Entrepreneurs, a key initiative under the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation. In this role, Abby oversees the design and implementation of programs aimed at supporting and nurturing startups and entrepreneurs in Colorado’s Central Mountains. With a [...]

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Tara Reed


"I'm so honored to be on this team! The Ascent program is clearly making a positive impact in our communities. And it continues to gain momentum! I look forward to seeing how the program continues to grow and evolve." - Tara Reed Tara Reed serves as the Administrative and Accounting Support for the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC). With a keen eye for detail and a robust background in financial management, Tara plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the CCEDC's financial and administrative functions. In her position, Tara manages a wide [...]

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Tim Martinez


"The best part of working on the Ascent Accelerator and Ark_Angels programs is the opportunity to support cool ideas by smart people.  Being an entrepreneur is difficult and these startups are in the trenches every day.  A small amount of guidance, a little promotion, or bringing together the right people can make a word of difference.  They do the hard work, we just make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed." - Tim Martinez Tim Martinez is a seasoned advocate for Colorado's economic development initiatives, dedicating his expertise to strengthen and diversify local economies.  Based in Salida, Colorado, [...]

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