The EDC is seeking a Program Director


Summary Chaffee County EDC is seeking a Program Director to lead and support exciting new initiatives to promote the development of a thriving, resilient, year-round economy in Chaffee County. In support of the organization’s objectives to ensure economic recovery, resilience to future disruptions, and the creation of greater wage diversity and economic diversification; the Program Director will work in the following three strategic focus areas: startup support, public policy, and talent pipeline. Description About Chaffee County EDC (EDC): Since our formation more than a decade ago, the EDC has worked collaboratively across sectors and jurisdictional boundaries to ensure that Chaffee County remains welcoming [...]

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Ascent Spotlights: Meet Elements Mountain Compost


Ascent Spotlights: Meet Elements Mountain Compost Today we want to introduce you to a new blog series called Ascent Spotlights where we'll shine a light on the entrepreneurs and mentors in our accelerator. For our inaugural episode we're featuring Elements Mountain Compost, an incredible small business in Chaffee County doing big things that has an impact on both our community and the planet.   Ascent Accelerator Elements Compost Video 2022 from Driven By Nature on Vimeo. ABOUT ELEMENTS MOUNTAIN COMPOST:  Elements Mountain Compost is committed to closing the loop on organics waste in our region.  We help businesses & residents reduce [...]

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Q3 Chaffee County Economic Data: Unemployment Rate, Job & Population Growth


Chaffee County - and its economy - is ever changing. That reality is being driven locally by a confluence of significant population, workforce, and employment trends.   To understand these trends, Chaffee County EDC - in partnership with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Colorado Workforce Center, and EMSI - commissioned a far-reaching new Economic Overview Report. This report highlights population growth trends, labor force participation, demographics, inbound and outbound migration, industry growth, and educational pipeline.   In May of 2022, the unemployment rate in Chaffee County was 2.16 percent. In the five years preceding 2021, the region's population increased [...]

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Ascent Startup Summit 2022 RECAP


Peek behind the curtain of every successful event and you'll find an A-team of planners, partners, and volunteers who are dedicated and driven. Look deeper and you'll find supportive sponsors with an aligned audience championing and elevating the experience. Last month's Ascent Startup Summit was no exception. Today we're shining a little light on this sold-out inaugural event with a recap blog post. We wanted to share the highlights, the lessons learned, and what we now know to be true: That the Ascent Startup Summit is an essential event that will play a pivotal role in supporting startups, empowering entrepreneurs, and [...]

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DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL FEATURE: Coming to Chaffee County: Denver mentors and financiers for growing businesses


We are so thrilled that the business community of Denver is interested in the moves we are making here in Chaffee County to support entrepreneurialism, innovation, and job growth! Check out this article published yesterday in the Denver Business Journal.   By Ed Sealover – Senior Reporter, Denver Business Journal 6 hours ago Chaffee County and Denver may be separated by 130 miles, but metro-area leaders are playing a significant role in an economic development initiative to grow businesses in the area that includes popular mountain getaways Buena Vista and Salida. The recently launched Ascent initiative — from Jake Rishavy, a [...]

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