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Elizabeth Marsh


Elizabeth Marsh is a Fort Lewis College Business Administration graduate. She has an extensive understanding of the region’s resources for economic growth and the experience necessary to leverage these resources for new business development. She has overseen the creation of 31 new businesses in Southwest Colorado and has built the SCAPE accelerator program into an award-winning, results-oriented engine for innovation and growth.

Elizabeth Marsh2022-04-07T18:43:03+00:00

Robbie Vitrano


75% of a company's footprint is in its supply chain. Roughly 2 billion people stuffed on unhealthy food while a billion are starved for basic nutrition. The promise of regenerative agriculture to heal the soil, sequester carbon, cool the earth, and restore balance and connection. Greta. Things that cannot be unseen. Let's get to work. I am fundamentally a designer. My hometown of New Orleans taught me how to see the world as a complex place and creative problem in which to participate ("...the flowering of creative intelligence"). Boulder has been generous, sharing its abundance of intellect, [...]

Robbie Vitrano2022-04-07T01:42:55+00:00

Lorena Cantarovici


Lorena Cantarovici is the CEO & Founder of Maria Empanada: a Denver-based restaurant chain that earned national recognition as the leading brand of artisan empanadas in only six years. She developed an on-trend, differentiated, and highly scalable craft casual food concept, and currently has 50 employees. Lorena is the force behind Maria Empanada, originally coming to Denver from Argentina with $300 in her pocket and not a word of English; convinced that everything could be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. LEARN MORE ABOUT MARIA EMPANADA HERE.

Lorena Cantarovici2022-04-06T23:26:53+00:00

Charlie Chupp


Charlie is an energetic team builder, driven to do good in the world. He believes in bold action, challenging norms, and tackling big problems. As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fading West Development, he leads design, development, manufacturing, and construction teams into a single LEAN value stream. Bringing over 20 years of experience in manufacturing to the construction and development industries, Charlie drives innovation, efficiency, and financial performance. Before launching Fading West, he was CEO of Load King Manufacturing. There, he led the implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS) and LEAN manufacturing process to deliver turn-key [...]

Charlie Chupp2022-04-06T23:19:11+00:00


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