Ascent Spotlights: Meet Over It. Raft Covers

In our new blog series Ascent Spotlights, we shine a light on the entrepreneurs and mentors in our accelerator. As we wind down our peak summer river season we thought today would be great timing to introduce you to Over It. Raft Covers, an affordable, simple, long-term solution to protect your raft investments in between river trips. Two Salida boaters turned entrepreneurs Kevin Kabler and Aaron Derwingson invented their proprietary covers after growing tired of trying so many cheap options in the market and not seeing the value in custom raft covers. They decided to create something new…something better. They wanted something that was easy to use, and would accommodate their rafts whether they had a frame on the boat or setup to paddle raft while offering protection from a whitewater raft’s worst enemy, the sun. Kevin and Aaron decided to join the Central Mountain Ascent Accelerator to better determine how they could sustainably grow in their niche market to meet the demand they were experiencing over their previous three years in business. Check out this video to learn more about this innovative and essential product in the outdoor adventure and rafting space and see how the Ascent Accelerator benefited Over It. Raft Covers for where they are today.



Central Mountain Ascent Accelerator: Over It. Raft Covers from Driven By Nature on Vimeo.



We design, manufacture, and sell covers for whitewater boats. We use a unique semi-permeable material that filters water through, instead of pooling in low spots. It is a long-lasting material, made in the USA. The covers are manufactured in Salida, Colorado.



Kevin Kabler, President, and founder of Over It. Raft covers launched Over It. in 2019, and started searching for a material for raft covers. Aaron Derwingson joined the company in 2020 as a key member to help launch the product. Kevin and Aaron are passionate river runners and spend much of their time in the outdoors with their families camping, mountain biking, and hiking. Aaron also works in water conservation on the Colorado River Basin.