Ascent Spotlights: Meet Elements Mountain Compost

Today we want to introduce you to a new blog series called Ascent Spotlights where we’ll shine a light on the entrepreneurs and mentors in our accelerator. For our inaugural episode we’re featuring Elements Mountain Compost, an incredible small business in Chaffee County doing big things that has an impact on both our community and the planet.


Ascent Accelerator Elements Compost Video 2022 from Driven By Nature on Vimeo.


 Elements Mountain Compost is committed to closing the loop on organics waste in our region.  We help businesses & residents reduce their carbon footprint by diverting organic waste from the landfill and we create local, nutrient-rich compost products to enhance soil health and agricultural productivity.



 Julie founded Elements Mountain Compost in 2014 based on a passion for reuse and recycling the nutrients in organic materials.  She also works as the Chief Conservation Officer for the Colorado Mountain Club where she manages advocacy and stewardship work on public lands.  Balancing outdoor recreation, conservation, climate solutions and a love for getting dirty keeps Julie stoked on expanding this important work in Colorado.  Julie grew up in California, earned a bachelors of science from Allegheny College and has lived in Salida, CO since 2009.  When not on a zoom call or shoveling compost, she can be found in the mountains biking, skiing and adventuring.